Welcome To YaFM Homepage

YaFM is a web-based file manager written in PHP and licensed under the GPL. It allows you to upload, download, view, edit, copy, move/rename, change permissions and owner group of a single file or a group of files which reside on a unix filesystem local to the script. It does not require MySQL (although you can easily implement a SQL-based authenticationscheme if you need one) It should be relatively easy to change the look and feel of YaFM since I've tried to keep PHP code and HTML separate (the current look and feel is based on Adam Sutton's phpFtp)

Project News

  • 05-Aug-2004 Released version 1.0.5 with more bug fixes and a brand new File Finder :-), go get it
  • 18-May-2004 Released version 1.0.4 with some important bug fixes and a new look and feel, get it
  • 27-Jan-2004 Released version 1.0.3 with a few cleanups and the ability to run in safe mode, get it from Sourceforge
  • 21-Jan-2004 Uploaded screen shots section, see it here
  • 20-Jan-2004 Released YaFM 1.0.2 with some bug fixes
  • 15-Jan-2004 Submitted the project to sourceforge, download it from YaFM's Sourceforge page